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Based in Central Colorado since 1995, Central Colorado (CC) Writers fosters writing and encourages publication through the sharing of resources critique sessions, and information. (more)

Join us for our free and open to the public WE Write (WW) Sessions!

Our next session is September 25th, 6:00pm on ZOOM. It's hosted by Jenna Klugh-Davis and Lincoln Davis and "Spooky" is the theme. Please RSVP to 


These WW sessions usually meet on the Zoom platform. Each session has time allotted at the start for general discussion, writing updates, and events. We start the WW sessions at 6 p.m. (MT) and are always done by 8 p.m..


Plan for a 15-minute "head start" for technical set-up before the start time.

The opportunity to read your writing is encouraged with no critique! See our Event Calendar for dates, times. Zoom connection information is sent the day before the session. Be sure to RSVP!

Join WE Write (WW) Zoom Session Here!

Contact Tom Dury to volunteer as a session facilitator!

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CC Writers In the News

CC Writers Co-Sponsors Author Visit

CC Writers recently teamed with the Buena Vista Public Library and the League of Women Voters to host author/journalist Ted Conover at the Surf Hotel in Buena Vista. Conover's book, Cheap Land Colorado, chronicles life off-the-grid in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

The free event filled every seat and the library sent the following note directly to CC Writers:

"Thank you for your generosity and for supporting our author talk event with Ted Conover. The event was a great success and we could not have pulled it off without your donation. We appreciate the opportunity to bring Mr. Conover to BV to connect and share stories of life in the San Luis Valley with our community.

Thank you again for your support of this event and the Library. We look forward to seeing you at the Local Author Fair in December."

Bishop Book Signing


CC Writers author Dan Bishop just released #2 in his Saturn Accords series, Saturn Rendezvous. Here's a description of Dan's cutting-edge novel:

Astronaut Rae Anne Chavez' rescue from Saturn orbit by the alien battlecruiser Avenger initiates First Contact between Humans and Shalcerians. Rae Anne becomes their obvious choice to serve as their liaison to Earth.


The Shalcerians offer to share their advanced technology to save humanity from the ravages of climate change, but their accompanying demands create rifts across Earth's geopolitical spectrum. Worldwide protests, in turn, bring out the alien's darker side.


Rae Anne is torn between her desire for Humans to accept Shalcerian technology and her commitment to preserve humanity's freedom. Can she devise a course that achieves cooperation with the aliens while avoiding imperial domination by an interstellar empire?


With unintended consequences and hidden agendas, First Contact may not be all it seems to be.

Saturday, September 9 from 11 to 3, Dan will be signing his novel, Saturn Rendezvous - Book Two of the Saturn Accords, at Salida Books in the 100 block of North F St. Saturn Rendezvous has also just come out in e-book format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and Apple.

Traditional versus self-publishing
(Linda Ditchkus)

An aspiring author's choice between the traditional and self-publishing routes can be a game-changer – both for your first and future publications.


The information out there is confusing. Some agents will tell you that self-publishing is mainly for people who haven’t worked hard enough to bring their project to the highest level, and your self-published book will forever sit among the plethora of mediocre books available through the mega online distributors. Rumor has it -- once you’ve self-published, your book will never be considered by an agent. Unless that first self-published book sold thousands of copies, your prospects of finding an agent for subsequent books are slim.


Self-published authors will tell you that the traditional route is rife with people and companies who will force you to accept their views about content, author voice, book covers, price, and distribution. Self-published authors accuse agents and publishers of offering ‘free’ services of editing, cover design, and distribution, but these services ultimately come out of your commission. So, you can pay upfront and control the process or allow the agencies and publishers to front you the money now and pay them over time.

While publishers handle book distribution, authors bear the time, effort, and expenses for marketing, whether you are traditionally or self-published. Even if your agent arranges a spot for you on The Tonight Show, you will pay your travel expenses.

My advice? Make a whole-hearted attempt at the traditional publishing route. Write a sound query letter, research viable agents and their companies, and edit the crap out of your first ten pages. While you might think this approach will take you away from your core mission to write a perfect book, you'll gain a greater understanding of the publishing and book marketing processes and hone your craft. You'll learn something valuable from everyone you meet in the query writing class, the back-and-forth of query letters, and the face-to-face conference meetings with agents. You may find the best professional promoter of your work. Even if you don’t end up with an agent, your writing will be tighter, and your decision about how to publish will be well-informed.

CC Writers Exchange Membership

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Writing Critique Sessions

Want feedback on your writing from other authors? Having trouble finding beta readers? Want to learn about writing craft by reviewing other authors’ work?

Join the FREE CCW Critique Group – for CCW members only.

This on-line group meets twice per month on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to about 8:00 (see the CCW calendar for dates). By Sunday prior to the meeting, post your submission (3,000 words maximum) to Google Docs. You have three days to review/provide written feedback on three submissions and, in return, you will receive three reviews on your work. At Wednesday’s on-line meeting, you will give/receive additional feedback.

If you’re not a Google Docs user – NO WORRIES! Our facilitators will walk you through how to upload and download documents like a pro.

If you want to find out more? Please contact Author and CCW Board Member, Linda Ditchkus. Contact Linda Ditchkus HERE! or call her at 720-985-8450.

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NYT Bestselling Author David L. Robbins--CCW Workshop in October

Authors David L. Robbins and Laurel McHargue cover LV Ditchkus's work

Central Colorado Writers' October 14, 2023 workshop with NYT Best-Selling Author David L. Robbins is The Art and Craft of the Narrative: The Code of Fiction. The workshop will be on Zoom from 11am-3pm MT.

David L. Robbins has written 15 novels, four professionally produced plays, and, in 2018, was named one of two most influential literary artists in the Commonwealth of Virginia for the past 50 years by the Virginia Commission for the Arts. Robbins lives and writes in his hometown of Richmond, VA, and teaches advanced creative writing at Virginia Commonwealth University. His new historical fiction novel, Isaac’s Beacon, is a sweeping tale based on the real events of Israel’s founding, bringing alive the power and complexities of the birth of the Jewish state.

Here's more about the topic: This class will survey the pillars of powerful writing, those elements of every good story which are ever-present (e.g. the integration of setting to character, the role of POV, the choice of POV, where to begin and end scenes, the dynamics of plot, the timing of reveals, editing, process, the importance of action, dialogue, pace, voice). Once writers develop technique, they can best apply their individuality - their artistry -  in the most effective and confident way. 


The fee is $25 for CCW members and $45 for non-members. But membership only costs $20 per year, so it makes sense for non-members to just sign up for membership instead of paying the non-member rate. You can pay by check to CCW at PO Box 1640, Salida CO 81201 or at the PayPal button below.


If you have questions about the workshop or about joining Central Colorado Writers, they can contact Linda Ditchkus.


- Any fantasy authors interested in a booth and selling books at the Oct 28th Fantasy Faire--a mini Renaissance Festival--happening in Salida should contact to let them know you are interested. There will be vendors, performers, and activities.


- The BV library reached out to CC Writers  to let us know about their free virtual author talks. They've got some big names coming up in their series.


If you haven't attended one of these talks yet, it's simple to register and watch live (and submit questions to the author,) or watch the recording if the timing doesn't suit your schedule. The full list of upcoming author talks is here:


Here's some examples of who's coming up: Amor Towles (Sep 27,) Rick Steves (Oct 10,) Ruth Ware (Oct 18,) John Irving (Oct 26,) and Joy Hargo (Nov 16.)

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