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2022 Youth Writing Contest--Our Authors

Senior Division

BEST ENTRY: Henry Dodson-The Trees

HONORABLE MENTION: Grace Bunch-Dandelions

HONORABLE MENTION: Tal Sheleg-Where They Belong

Lilyanne Beck-Maybe One Day

Simon Bertolino-Sunflower Fields

Charlie Bonneville-The Light Within the Cave

Elliot Hales-I Remember Valerie

Chloe Harvey-The Wash Is Dry

Aleeya/Nick L. Jacoves-Where It Happened

Abigail "Abby" Miller-A Flower Near His Grave

Finnley Rasmussen-Mark of the Ronin

Gianna Sauvageau-Unreachable

Junior Division

BEST ENTRY: Benjamin Bishop-The Egg

HONORABLE MENTION: Alexis "Lexie" Davis-The Legend of Lily and Luna

HONORABLE MENTION: Lauren Cartner-Framed at Thirteen

John Apple-Avalanche

Camden Courson-The Ten Men

Jacob Hilburn-Mystery at the Mine

Isabella Jatzke-Johnson-Hey, Lily You OK?

Marley Krasnow-It Happened Near Here

Hattie Mallozzi-Interlaken Mystery

Annie McFee-Writing Comp

Colin Mercer-Into the Depths

Noah Millard-Downfall

Shelby Morgan-The Visitor

Hunter Roberts-The Cube

Sydney Rohrich-The Way Home

Eliza Schwander-It Happened In My Town

Clara "CJ" Traylor-Control

Malia Tressler-Small Town

Nikolai Wyles-Underage

Kathryn Yeager-Home Sweet Home

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