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2023 Youth Writing Contest--Our Authors

Senior Division

GRAND PRIZE: Hannah Wharton-Hand of Tomorrow

SILVER PRIZE: Grace Bunch-I'll Come Running

BRONZE PRIZE: Savannah Tully-Mangroves Whisper Life and Death

Finalist: Sky Henderson-The Three Wooden Figures

Finalist: Maya Welch-Raging Ice

Dylan Bailey-The Quarantine Zone

Makenzie Best-Without a Goodbye

Haydn Hansen-Tough World

Kaylah Harvey-What is on the Walls

Hunter A. Heath-Someday: Jacob Ernest

Curtis Heinze-Long Lost Trail

Gianna Kelley-Animal Boy

Mary Jane Roberts-Someday

Cris Robertson-Maybe Someday

Benjamin Roy-The Falling Embers

Riley Swann-Maybe Someday

Hana L. VanHouten-Drift Away

Junior Division

GRAND PRIZE: Benjamin Bishop-Rings, Doughnuts, & Kings

SILVER PRIZE: Aberlyn Leon-Someday

BRONZE PRIZE: Eliza Schwander-Loona's Dream Will Someday Come True

Finalist: Ephraim Bunch-The Messenger

Finalist: Alexis Davis-Rose and the Missing Kitsune

Finalist: Owen Hill-The Beginning of the End

Finalist: Taya Martinez-Barrels With Belle

Finalist: Aidan TwoCrow-Glitch

Finalist: Brooklyn Bell-The Family Dilemma

Jennifer Allen-The Dark Turn

Chase Bates-Someday

Phaedrus Berkenkotter-The Lightning Pets

Seth Allen-The Prank

Audrey Jean Bobo-The Fog

Riley Christensen-A New Vehicle

Jesse Tyler Arnold-Lost

Hailey Bowman-Eloise's Story

Lauren Michael Cartner-Leave It Lost

Hannah A. Eisemann-Someday

Daniel Feeney-The Green Notebook

Titus Dufur-Together Again

Sophie Eggleston-World War Three

Luke Foster-The Mole People

Garrett Gillespie-Garrett's Story

Kai R. Kontz-Someday

Emma McWhirter-Someday

Miles McCool-Someday...

Chase McKenna-Shapeshifter

Serenity Meister-Utopia

Lucan Merrill-Dead Past

Ryder Moore-Someday

Andee Quilico-Someday

Maebelle Quilico-The Children's March

Jace Piefer-Someday...

Curtis Beavis Rose-Dragons

Max Saltzman-Someday...

Carter Shearer-The Bright Light

Alicen Sovocool-The Joke

David Sovocool-David's Story

Ayanna X. Garcia Sakata-Never Was There

Clara Harris-Maybe Someday

Jazzlynn Jean Quintana-Present to Past

Jamison Thurston-The Land of Your Dreams

Delayed Entries

Mason Young (JR)-The Someday Adventure

Wade Massey (SR)-How the Bow Curves

Aleah Mullenax (SR)-Annie's Antiques

Finley Reinan (SR)-Someday

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