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Workshops Archive

The Chaffee County Writers Exchange
Workshops Archive
2020 - 2021

  ZOOM SCHEDULED, February 27, 2021:  Jane Anne Staw, "Writing Creative Non-fiction!"

“If you’d like to discover and explore the world of creative nonfiction, this half-day workshop is for you. Whether it’s your own life or the life of someone you want to reveal to readers, you will take a piece of nonfiction writing from anecdote, to flash nonfiction, to potential essay or chapter.

As you grow your original seed, you’ll learn how to apply the elements of fiction to nonfiction writing: plot, character, setting, conflict dialogue and turning point. Course materials include a packet of readings.”

Register HERE!

    February 1, 2020: Novel Novel: Workshop with Laurel McHargue: Award-winning author and 1983 graduate of The United States Military Academy at West Point, raised in Massachusetts, creator of the Waterwight, and several other publications. Laurel writes in many genres and hosts the podcast Alligator Preserves. She also has been known to act.

Laurel guided participants through every aspect of creating a publishable novel/novella—from the initial generation of a fertile idea to the nitty-gritty details of populating the metadata.

After this full-day workshop, attendees know how to:

  • Generate ideas for your book

  • Understand novel length and genre specification

  • Organize chapters

  • Develop story arcs (in chapters and overall)

  • Develop the characters

  • Research methods for characters and plot

  • Select Metadata and acquire ISBNs and PCNs


The Chaffee County Writers Exchange
Workshops Archive
2001 - 2020

  2020:   Novel Novel, workshop with Laurel McHargue.

  2019:  Birthing Your Book, workshop with published author, Jennifer Sweete.  Special guest, Jerry Fabyanic, Colorado Authors League.

   2018: Workshop with Carol Samson, Ph. D, Professor Emerita DU. "Small Wonder: Object Lessons for the Genre of Small Fictions." 

    2018:  Workshop with Jeffrey Runyon, CMC, Leadville. "The Conscious Crafter & the Elements of Fiction." 

    2017: Workshop with Alissa Johnson: "Journey of the Short Story." 

    2017: Workshop with David Hicks: "Character Development." 

    2016: Workshop with Lisa Jones: "Suspense through the Senses!"

    2016: Workshop, "The Fabric of Descriptive Prose and Poetry," with Joseph Hutchison, Colorado's Poet Laureate.

    2016: Workshop, "Your Story Matters - Writing A Memoir," with Colorado author Bar Scott.
    2015: Workshop: "Character Development." with Colorado author Laurel McHargue.
    2014: Workshop, "Write from the Start: Word, Line, Voice, and Structure" with Colorado author BK Loren. 
    2013: Workshop with Amy Frykholm, "Exploration  of Writing."  
    2013: Workshop with local writer Laura Hendrie, "Going small: The Secret of Finding Your Best Story."

    2012: Workshop with Beth Groundwater, "Engineering a Mystery and the Art of Writing Dialogue."
    2011: Workshop: "Word Yoga" with writer and teacher BK Loren.
    2011: Workshop, "Writing for magazines" with magazine editor and book author Amy Frykholm from Leadville.
    2010: Workshop , "Social Media for Writers" with Salida author Susan Tweit.
    2010: Workshop , "Marrying Your Muse" with Cotopaxi author Nancy Oswald.
   2009: Workshop , "Translate Your Life Into Story" with writing coach, Jerry Waxler.
    2009: Workshop “How to Think a Story” with author Elaine Long.
    2008: Workshop “ABCs of Character and Plot” with Leadville playwright, Craig Sodaro.
    2007: Workshop “Writing Your Roots/Routes” workshop with Aaron Abeyta from Adams State College.
    2006: Workshop with Katie Redding.
    2005: Workshop with Amy Frykholm and Stephanie Frykholm: "Overcoming Writing Blocks."
    2004:Workshop by Camilla Beck from Longmont, humanistic gerontologist and small press publisher.
    2004: Workshop by Pamela Robinson from Fort Collins, musician, poet, and teacher.
    2003: Two-day workshop by Amy Frykholm, Instructor in English and Religious Studies, Colorado Mountain College, Leadville.
    2002: Two-day novel workshop by John Dunning, nationally acclaimed mystery writer from Denver.
    2001: Poetry workshop by Rita Kiefer, poet and writing instructor.

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