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2024 Youth Writing Contest--Our Authors

Senior Division

GRAND PRIZE: Oswald Firefox-The Hatter

SILVER PRIZE: Grace Bunch-Remember the Roses

BRONZE PRIZE: Aberlyn Leon-A Cinderella Story

Finalist: Maya Welch-Wolves Howl When Trees Sing

Charlie V. Bonneville-The Jungle Deceives

Charlotte Marie Christine Brown-Nox Domini Nostri – The Night of Our Lord

Ephraim Bunch-Big Red

Sage Fleener-This Is It, Boys

Bridger Jack Hinchman-Hiro to Hero

Brianna King-Saving Wonderland

Marz Olivarez-Stoick's Boy

Brooklyn Paschall-Rumpelstiltskin

Sonya Stewart-The Little Merman

Junior Division

GRAND PRIZE: Adalynn G. Fike-Every Rose Has Its Thorns

SILVER PRIZE: Zachary Leon-Mission Possible?

BRONZE PRIZE: Ben Bishop-Seven In One Blow

Finalist: Scarlett C. Koken-Goldimouse and the Three Cats

Finalist: Rose M. Lenth-Pedro Pufferfish

Finalist: Leah K. Paschall-Glass Heart

Finalist: Jasper Schwander-The Very, Very, Ugly Duck

Noah Anderson-The Rescue

Gabriella Camerlo-DJ Red Riding Hood

Elliot (London) N. Delve-Villain and the Beast

Lucia J. Downing-The Starborn Beginning

Rose Lizabeth Judge-The Pippolo Rose

Aidan Michael Paschall-Little Blue Riding Hood

Emily Stitcher-The Little Mer--durer

Avenley Walker-Don't Look Back

Alrik Westberg-The Little Red Wolf

Mabel Willis-The Secret City

Ella Lynn Zakes-Child's Play Reimagined

Elias N. Adán-The Giving Fridge

Zia Bernhardt-The Three Little Fish

`Tayo A. Derwingson-Cinder

Vivian E. Ericsson-Handsome and the Nerd

Rowan Krayna-Lost in London

Ruben Vidal Torres-Shrek Reimagined

Savannah J. Wickham-Jack and the Video Game

Samara G. Wood-Daniel

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